Designing quality user experiences, balancing engineering constraints and delivering business impact since 2018
Hey, I'm Mel, a Product Designer based in the UK. I have a passion in UX/UI design but I love working with data and physical products too!
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Complex Features
Experience and visual design for technical, data heavy features
Previous topics include: augmented reality, investment consulting and machine learning
High fidelity prototypes to keep testers and stakeholders focussed on the experience not the prototype
Utilising Figmas advanced prototyping features, including modes and variables
Design Systems
Personalised and scalable design systems for startups to large businesses
I’ve designed and launched 3 design systems - including Dyson's brand new system

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2022 - Present
What’s next?
Left Bristol to start a new chapter in my life. I was accepted in one of the best design schools in the UK, undertaking a Product Design & Technology BSc at Loughborough University.
I started to grow a passion for UX/UI design after signing up for the module to focus my skillset. Post It consumption that year was off the charts!
For my placement I decided to be adventurous and look for an internship in Berlin. I joined an award winning startup called MOTIONTAG as a visual designer. Being in an startup environment, I worked on everything from app design to data visualisation.
Overflowing with new knowledge and motivation, I returned to the UK to finish my degree whilst still freelancing as a designer.
For my final year disertation I designed and developed a functional lung health monitoring device the same year the pandemic hit. I washed my hands and graduated with a 2:1!
Next up, fintech. I joined Redington as a remote Product Designer working alongside product owners with deep knowledge in the finance industry and other great designers. This included connecting directly with users for research, creating awesome new features from the ground up and building new foundations and components for their design system.
Dyson - 2022 was the year I ticked off a bucket list job.
To top it, I joined the new product innovation team working on the secret projects coming into the business. After working in floorcare and robotics, I joined the design system team. Lots of research, lots of UI, lots of UX. I’ve even presented to James Dyson himself!
My Top Reads

Books I recommend to all designers

“You can’t say everything, everywhere, all at once”

Written by Tony Fadell - the founder of Nest and design lead of the iPod and iPhone. Build is a candid, no bullshit guide for building teams from 0 to 1 and navigating inevitable politics whilst creating products. It also provides a rare glimpse behind the curtain of Apple design and the Silicon Valley mindset.
The Creative Act
“If you have an idea you're excited about and you don't bring it to life, it’s not uncommon for that idea to find its voice through another maker. This isn't because the other artist stole your idea, it’s because the idea’s time has come.”

Written and narrated by Rick Rubin - an elusive and highly regarded creative in the music industry. I recommend the audiobook as Rubin has a great voice, creating a focussed atmosphere for his thought provoking ideas.
“Designers feel compelled to continuously explore new directions, but if they face only forward, they have no baseline for comparison.”

Wa, The essence of Japanese design - explores the historical use of materials in Japanese architecture, fashion and graphic design.The book emphasises linking design choices back to nature and simplicity, key aspects of Japanese culture. An excellent coffee table book too.